VT KnowledgeWork Blog Offers Global Handshake

On November 30, 2011, Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, the blog for business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, will celebrate its fourth anniversary.

Inside VT KnowledgeWorks was founded in 2007 to report and share news of its entrepreneurs, start-ups, member companies, partners, sponsors and events at VT KnowledgeWorks. I, and then the company I founded through VT KnowledgeWorks, Handshake Media, Incorporated, have operated the blog since its beginning.

Global matters.

From reflecting upon operating the VT KnowledgeWorks blog for four years and from analyzing four years of traffic to the VT KnowledgeWorks blog, I discovered these beauties:

  • When we started the blog in 2007, the top source of traffic was direct i.e. people knew of the blog and typed in the URL or clicked on a link in an email. Four years later, the top source of traffic is Google search results. 
  • From 2007 to the present, Google search users from 136 countries have found what they sought on the VT KnowledgeWorks blog.
  • In 2007, VT KnowledgeWorks was an incubator serving technology companies and entrepreneurs in the Blacksburg, Virginia, USA area, home of Virginia Tech. Today, it is in partnership with universities and companies around the world. In 2011, its global site, VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership, surpassed its home site as a top source of traffic to the blog.

Inside VT KnowledgeWorks began in 2007 in a town when one person said, "How about a blog?" and a person at an organization said, "Yes."

Four years later, that blog offers a global, entrepreneurial handshake and that town is a global destination for the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership

I am honored and delighted to have been part of reaching a handshake out to the globe's people on behalf of VT KnowledgeWorks.


The VT KnowledgeWorks Global Directory mobile application, offering members of the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership a way to find and connect with each other, is a Handshake(R) mobile app from Handshake Media.

Handshake Media, Incorporated, the parent company of Handshake 2.0, is a member company of VT KnowledgeWorks. VT KnowledgeWorks is a client of Handshake Media, Incorporated.

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