Why Mobile? Current Trends, Future Forecast and Success Factors

Antti Akonniemi spoke about the business of mobile development at Future Female Mobile Dev Camp, organized by Future Female and Kisko Labs, held in Helsinki, Finland on October 8, 2011.

We've excerpted key points graciously shared with us below.  Antti Akonniemi's full presentation is available on SlideShare: Mobile Development – Future Female.

Why mobile?

  • huge market
  • engaged everywhere
  • truly personal mass media (you wouldn't share your phone, would you?)
  • always-on mass media
  • always-carried mass media
  • only mass media with built-in payment channel
  • location based services
  • movement tracking
  • closer to a physical product (vs. designing for desktop)

Mobile development forecase from Antti Akonniemi

Mobile development success factors:

  • Have a clear problem to solve.
  • Have a market for your problem.
  • Think about the business. Will you get any money out of this?
  • Test your idea before executing (show it to your friends, colleagues, people on the street). It's a lot cheaper to fail before you start developing.
  • Design first, then develop.

Thank you, Antti, for sharing highlights from your talk with Handshake 2.0!

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