Latest Handshake App: ThoughtFull – an app to remember

The latest Handshake(R) mobile application was just released in the iTunes App Store! 

ThoughtFull(TM) – an app to remember – was created and designed by Kelsey Sarles, developed by Jim Gray of New River Mobile using Titanium Appcelerator, and produced by Handshake Media, Incorporated.

Thought Full(TM) - an app to remember

Thought Full - an app to remember 
You think it, you can save it with Thought Full(TM)!

Thought Full(TM) allows you to quickly capture your thoughts, and recall them at a moment's notice.

Our lives are hectic, fast-paced, seemingly stuck in fast forward. We're rarely focused on one topic at a time, and when we do get a moment to pause, we can’t quite seem to remember that one thing we vowed not to forgot.

Until now.

Capture real-time thoughts and experiences then retrieve them quickly and easily with Thought Full.

Key features of Thought Full

  • Easily save your thoughts in the form of notes, photos, and/or voice recordings
  • Categorically and chronologically organize thoughts
  • Customize your app! Add categories that make sense to you! Remove categories that don't.
  • Browse recently-entered thoughts directly from the home screen
  • Keyword search

Thought Full is in the iTunes App Store for $.99

Thought Full is available in the iTunes App Store

Here's more about ThoughtFull – - and here's our full line of Handshake(R) brand mobile applications.

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