ThoughtFullApp_graphicYou think it, you can save it with Thought Full(TM)!

thoughtfullogThought Full(TM) allows you to quickly capture your thoughts, and recall them at a moment’s notice.

Our lives are hectic, fast-paced, seemingly stuck in fast forward. We’re rarely focused on one topic at a time, and when we do get a moment to pause, we can’t quite seem to remember that one thing we vowed not to forgot.

Until now.

Capture real-time thoughts and experiences then retrieve them quickly and easily with Thought Full.

Key features of Thought Full

  • Easily save your thoughts in the form of notes, photos, and/or voice recordings
  • Categorically and chronologically organize thoughts
  • Customize your app! Add categories that make sense to you! Remove categories that don’t.
  • Browse recently-entered thoughts directly from the home screen
  • Keyword search

Ways to use Thought Full

  • To remember grocery store lists
  • To remember names of people you meet
  • To remember names of songs and artists
  • To remember and retell jokes
  • To remember ideas you had for redecorating
  • To remember bursts of inspiration

Thought Full is in the iTunes App Store for $.99.

Thought Full is available in the iTunes App Store

Check out the Thought Full videos on Handshake 2.0’s YouTube channel.

The Thought Full theme song, “Mi Cielo,” is used with permission from Joseph Masciello’s album Holy Mother Earth, available on iTunes.

Read more about Thought Full on Handshake 2.0.

Thought Full(TM) is a Handshake(R) mobile application.

Thought Full(TM) – an app to remember – was created and designed by Kelsey Sarles, developed by Jim Gray, and produced by Handshake Media, Incorporated.

With questions, comments, feedback and for support, please contact Handshake Media: [email protected]

App Name: Thought Full
App Version Number: 1.0.0
App Apple ID: 470265080
App URL:
Released: October 7, 2011

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