Southwest Virginia Entrepreneurs

BlinkMatch, freshAiR and She Chooses were three companies founded in Southwest Virginia selected from over a hundred entries as one of fifty-five startups to compete at Distilled Intelligence 1.0 on October 11, 2011 at the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) building in Herndon, Virginia.  BlinkMatch and freshAiR made the semi-final round of the top 22 companies. Engagn, also founded in Southwest Virginia, was present to support fellow entrepreneurs.  View one-minute pitches here.

Southwest Virginia Entrepreneurs at DI 1.0
Left to right:  Allan Tsang, BlinkMatch, Dave Payne, freshAiR, Mogo Mobile, Anne Clelland, She Chooses, Daniel Burgess, freshAiR, Mogo Mobile, Marek Zareba, engagn.  Distilled Intelligence 1.0 was featured in The Washington Post.

Photograph courtesy of Michael D. Ward from the Distilled Intelligence 1.0 Picasa Web Album featuring Distilled Intelligence 1.0 presented by

One-Minute Pitches
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