Survey: The Apps Women Want

From Anne Piedmont, Piedmont Research Associates:

We no longer need to dream about downloading Netflix.

Piedmont Research AssociatesTo further enhance our report for Handshake MediaThe Apps That Connect Us – A Report on Women, Smart Phones and Mobile Apps, we conducted a survey asking women if they had smartphones, and, if so, did they download apps?  Less than a year later, the resounding answer to both questions is “yes.” 

Since the release of our survey results in January, 2010, tablets like the iPad have joined smartphones in making the Internet more mobile. According to Pew Research, by the end of May, 2011, 39% of U.S. men owned smartphones and 31% of U.S. women owned smartphones.

Netflix was one of the apps for which our respondents longed. She got that.  Now what do women want?

Women, if you could wave a magic wand and get the app you wanted, what would it be? Take a few minutes and tell us!

The Apps Women Want Survey


Anne Piedmont is the founder of Piedmont Research Associates, an organization specializing in community research and statistics, competitive business intelligence, corporate writing services, and public relations.

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