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A global handshake of greeting from Handshake 2.0! Having assisted France-based Artbeating find a residential rental property in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA for its summer of company acceleration at VT KnowledgeWorks and in support of the vision of the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership - that Blacksburg is a global destination, not just for global students, researchers and faculty members at Virginia Tech, but for global corporate leaders and professionals as well – we recognized the need for, and created, the Global Handshake Guide to Residential Rental Property for global citizens seeking rentals in the Blacksburg, Virginia, USA area.

Our guide offers a list of local rental property management sources with online presences and, therefore, global access.  This guide is neither a review nor an endorsement, simply a list. We did not include sources focused on apartment rentals or rental sites with search for multiple locales.

Craigslist's is the exception.  Individual rental property owners and several management companies we interviewed in the Blacksburg, Virginia area use craigslist's classified ads almost exclusively to list their rental properties.  From France, Artbeating ultimately found its summer rental property through the Blacksburg, Virginia apartments/rental properties listings.  We're a fan of craigslist and its combination of a business-like "It's who you know" personal handshake and a "It's still who you know" online global handshake of opportunity.

Here's our Global Handshake Guide to Residential Rental Property in Blacksburg, Virginia in alphabetical order (most link to page with available Blacksburg rental properties):

BCR Property Management (more here on Handshake 2.0)

Blue Ridge Real Estate, LLC

Burnette Real Estate

CMG Leasing

Price Real Estate

Raines Property Management, Inc. 

Rest Assured Housing

TnT Property Management

Townside Property Management

Blacksburg, Virginia is served by The Roanoke Times newspaper out of Roanoke, Virginia (about 45 miles from Blacksburg, Virginia) and here is's rental property search.

Welcome, citizens of the world, to Blacksburg!

Guide sponsored by – Where to Stay and What to Do in Blacksburg, VA – and by Visit Virginia Tech Mobile Guide to Campus.

Thanks to Barbara Prillaman of Giesen-Caldwell and Joann Craig of CMG Leasing for contributing to this guide.

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