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According to Rick Calvert, co-founder of the BlogWorld & New Media Expo, "The blog is the center of the social-media universe."  A blog is composed of blog posts, each of which has to be written!  How does one even begin to write a blog post?!

We invite you to check out "Anatomy of a Blog Post," our blog post infographic by Kelsey Sarles.

Anatomy of a Blog Post graphic by Kelsey Sarles

Title, opening, 3 points, 3 links, image, closing, done!  You've got a blog post! 


You might enjoy seeing the original, whiteboard version of Anatomy of a Blog Post and appreciate its transformation by Kelsey Sarles.  Here are more graphics by Kelsey Sarles on Handshake 2.0, and more Infographics on Handshake 2.0.

If you find the idea of creating a company blog creates a world of worry for you, but you've got the occasional blog post in you, we hope you'll consider Handshake 2.0's unique services – you provide the blog post, we provide the blog.

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  1. Easy to understand infographic. 🙂

    But are blogs really the center of the social media universe or social networking sites?

  2. That would be an interesting question to ask Calvert. I would be interested in knowing his definition of the “social media universe” as well. Thanks for the comment.

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