Artbeating Presents to Panel, Models Global Partnership

"French-founded company Artbeating presented its business model to a panel of regional corporate leaders on Friday, July 29, 2011, during their summer work-abroad experience at VT KnowledgeWorks in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, Blacksburg, Virginia. In addition to providing useful feedback to the young entrepreneurs, this type of interaction fosters bonds of trust between globally distant partners and lays the groundwork for continuing inter-regional cooperation."
VT KnowledgeWorks

I am neither an Athenian, nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world.
– Socrates

I was delighted and honored to be a member of the panel to which Artbeating presented its online marketplace for companies in need of designers in industrial, graphic, fashion, interior or motion design fields. I was particularly interested in the soon-to-be-released iteration of in which a company can submit a brief and then select from, and negotiate with, the best designer for its creative project.

As part of VT KnowledgeWorks, I have attended dozens of presentations and pitches by young men with online enterprises.  What differentiated Artbeating's presentation from most of the others I've heard – and heartened me as well – is that the company is not seeking funding in the near future.  They want to create a superior product and service, then prove they have done so with the most fundamental measure of market value – revenue. 

In Artbeating Accelerates in Blacksburg, I wrote about the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership's goal of establishing the Blacksburg, Virginia and Roanoke, Virginia regions as a global destination for companies seeking to accelerate their enterprises.  I would argue that Artbeating's presence in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA – an excellent one at that – is evidence of the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership achieving its mission of fostering both the tangible and intangible benefits of global collaboration, partnerships and relationships.

Congratulations to Artbeating and to VT KnowledgeWorks.  You do us all -  citizens of the world – proud.

Artbeating at work in the JumpStart Community at VT KnowledgeWorks team members at the JumpStart Community at VT KnowledgeWorks pictured left to right: Martin Houdbine, Charles-Éric "Charlie" Gorron, Romain Lauwerier, Mathieu Lima (Photo by Florent Mérian)

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  1. Thank you !
    We are glad that you really caught the essence of our company !

  2. Love the succinctness of the description of your company on your Twitter profile. After many years of not studying French, I could still make this out:

    “Retrouvez ici toute l’actualité du Design, en France et à l’étranger. Artbeating est un service innovant qui met en relation les designers et les entreprises.

    Very much the essence as I understood it.


  3. Christina says:

    Always great to see something different. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about their adventures and successes.

  4. Thank you, Christina! I feel the same way – adventures and successes are ahead for Artbeating!

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