(After) Thoughts on Public Speaking

Every week I stand up in front of 20 or more real estate agents and share my insights about the market, detail updates about changes in real estate law or contracts, and give pep talks about being the best you can be in the real estate profession.  I would consider myself a “mini” public speaker.

As a sales manager, I have chosen not to sell real estate so that I am not competing with my agents.  Though I don't do a personal "pitch," I frequently have opportunities to promote the company and the agents in small, casual groups and when meeting with prospective agents.  I get to talk about our agents, the Coldwell Banker Townside reputation, the value of our full-time marketing department, our mobile app, and our company video. I usually get several minutes, sometimes longer, to develop rapport and tell (sell) the whole story.

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Virginia, Business After Hours at Smithfield Plantation As one of the sponsors of a recent evening's Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Virginia, Business After Hours event, I had the opportunity to speak to the members for a brief moment about our sponsorship.  Thankfully, I did manage to say my name, Margaret Galecki, and that I was the general manager of Coldwell Banker Townside. I smiled when I spoke of the rain clouds subsiding and the food being wonderful. I even managed to give a momentary tribute to the agents (thanks to the Go Blue! Team), who helped sponsor the event by serving adult beverages to members.  However, as I lay in bed the next morning waiting for the alarm to ring, I rewrote my speech…

At the very least, I should have mentioned that we are a full service real estate firm with offices in Blacksburg and Roanoke, Virginia. I should have introduced the fine agents who helped serve: Susanna LillyAllen Cowley, and Dennis Smith. I should have at least mentioned the availability of top real estate professionals and their willingness and desire to help with all real estate needs.  I should have invited members to call or to visit our website and I could have done all that in under 30 seconds.

At the risk of giving unsolicited advice, as a representative of a business, may I suggest you NOT wait until the morning after to have your 30-second pitch ready to deliver.

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  1. Wait … don’t I recall one Margaret Galecki always telling her agents to have their elevator pitch ready at all times? What’s Margaret’s elevator pitch? 🙂

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