Women and Smartphones 2011

With the generous assistance of Stephanie Lyn Flosi, Senior Marketing Communications Analyst with comScore, we have been able to update our June, 2010 post on Women and Smartphones.

In this data from comScore reporting three month averages ending May, 2011, the base audience is U.S. female mobile subscribers.  An additional column in the table highlights the smartphone female subscribers.  The data is from the comScore MobiLens service, reporting trends in the U.S. mobile phone industry during the three month average period ending May 2011.  

comScore:  Female Mobile Subscribers May 2011

Thank you so much, Stephanie!


Here's updated information with excerpts from our original post, Women and Smartphones:

In 2008, women smartphone users in the U.S. numbered 10.4 million. (New York Times)

At the end of 2009, 16 million U.S. females were smartphone subscribers and 28 million were subscribers by the end of 2010. (comScore via Stephanie Flosi)

At the end of May, 2011, over 120 million U.S females were mobile subscribers and over 35 million were smartphone subscribers. (comScore via Stephanie Flosi)

In sum, according to comScore's data, U.S. female smartphone subscribers numbered 16 million in 2009, 28 million in 2010, and 35 million at the end of May 2011.

In 2008, 12% of male cell phone users had smartphones, and 8% of female cell phone users had smartphones (18to34.org citing Nielsen Mobile)

By the end of May, 2011, 39% of U.S. men owned smartphones and 31% of U.S. women owned smartphones. (Pew)


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