Start-ups Get Early Start on Global Partnership

The VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership Week begins on August 21, 2011, but we start-ups are getting an early start!

In Going Global, I wrote:

Looking ahead five years – maybe fewer – if the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership's vision plays out, my university-rich locale will be enlivened not only by the presence of global students, researchers and faculty members, but by global corporate leaders and professionals as well.

No need to look ahead – global corporate leaders are here now!

Artbeating participated in last year's VT KnowledgeWorks Global Student Business Concept Challenge and company members have returned to spend this summer accelerating their start-up at VT KnowledgeWorks as members of the JumpStart Community.   

I love this quote from VT KnowledgeWorks:  [The VT KnowlegeWorks Global Partnership] "offers university students, faculty, and business professionals from all over the world a chance to collaborate, form partnerships and interact on a completely unique and exciting level."  Yes!

Welcome back to the "unique and exciting" Blacksburg, Virginia, USA, Artbeating! 

Artbeating at Wikiteria in Blacksburg, Virginia

Artbeating and Handshake shared lunch at Wikiteria at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center on June 24, 2011.  Pictured left to right: Mathieu Lima, Romain Lauwerier, Charles-Éric "Charlie" Gorron, Martin Houdbine, Anne Clelland.

Photo credit: Florent Mérian

Registration is open for participants, advertisers, and attendees of the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership Week, August 21-27, 2011, Blacksburg and Roanoke, Virginia, USA.  Tastes and Sounds of the Valleys, the kick-off reception for the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership Week, will be held on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, 5:30 PM – 7:30 – PM, at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center in Roanoke, Virginia.

The VT KnowledgeWorks Global Directory mobile application, offering members of the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Partnership community a way to find and connect with each other, is a Handshake(R) mobile app from Handshake Media.

VT KnowledgeWorks and the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center are clients of Handshake Media, Incorporated, a VT KnowledgeWorks member company and parent company of Handshake 2.0.

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