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Tyson Daniel I met Tyson Daniel in 2008 at the orientation session for our entrance into Presidents’ Council, a program for company leaders at VT KnowledgeWorks.  Since everything at Presidents’ Council is confidential, all I can tell you is, “It was a great meeting!”  But of my work with Tyson outside of Presidents’ Council, I can speak and do so with respect and appreciation.

Tyson’s start-up was an early and supportive client of my own start-up. In those early days of 2008, checks from LimbGear were golden affirmation of the value of my innovation, a public relations and blog hybrid. 

So new to all things business, when I saw Handshake 2.0’s trademark on an artist's t-shirt for sale on another site, I went straight to Tyson, appalled and, truthfully, scared.  What did someone else’s use of my trademark mean?!   Did I have to sue?!  How expensive would that be?!  Tyson’s calm reply included not only the wording for an email to send to the artist, but Handshake 2.0's trademark number.  The artist emailed me politely in reply, but changed the t-shirt’s image to “Trademark this!” with a rude gesture.  I had to laugh and Tyson expressed amusement as well.  I’ve used the wording from Tyson’s email half a dozen times in the past three years, always with satisfying results, but never with a better story.

I appreciate Tyson’s presence in my entrepreneurial life for many reasons.  I’m not alone in that – Tyson was nominated in the Entrepreneur category for a TechNite Award in 2009.  Through Tyson, I met the inimitable Wade Hammes, I saw the first creative use of YouTube by someone I knew – and got a great Christmas present for Mr. Handshake 2.0 - and he did my enterprise and me the ultimate honor:  Tyson told his story for Handshake 2.0.

I will tell you that since Tyson Daniel has joined Creekmore Law Firm, I am excited and gratified that more entrepreneurs and business owners – possibly through Creekmore Law's Small Business Plan – can now have access to Tyson Daniel’s legal expertise, his experience as a company founder, and his integrity.

VT KnowledgeWorks and The Creekmore Law Firm, PC are clients of Handshake Media, Incorporated, the parent company of Handshake 2.0.

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