How to Create a Custom URL for Your LinkedIn Public Profile

How to create a custom URL for a LinkedIn public profileTo establish their authority, credibility and identity, we ask contributors to Handshake 2.0 to have or create LinkedIn profiles.

As a URL to a Public Profile, LinkedIn assigns an indistinct and seemingly random mix of letters and numbers, something like this:

or like this:

To create a custom, personally-identifying URL like this:

you're invited to follow these directions:

Log in to your LinkedIn account.
From the tabs, select Profile > Edit Profile.
Scroll down to Public Profile.
To the right of the listed URL, click [Edit].
To the right of your profile, you will see "Your current URL."
Click "Customize your URL" beneath "Your current URL."
You will see:

Enhance your personal brand by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile. If you change your URL, your current custom URL will no longer be valid.

After "" type in the URL of your choice, ideally your first and last names.

After you've saved your personal URL, click on your public profile to check its accuracy.  You may now see numbers at the end of your name.  Edit one more time to delete the numbers.

To encourage our business model based on candor, authenticity and transparency, we highly encourage Handshake 2.0 contributors to upload a photograph to their LinkedIn profiles and to make these visible to the public.  We encourage contributors to make as much "Profile Content" public as they feel comfortable doing.  "It's still who you know" and the better people are able to "know" someone – to the extent that's possible online - the more likely they are to trust and to do business with them.

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