Our Clients

Handshake Media, Incorporated, the parent company of Handshake 2.0, is delighted to work with our clients.  

Attimo Winery
Automation Creations
Beaux Arts Galleria
Biz Net Technologies / Brush Mountain Data Center
Click & Pledge
Coldwell Banker Townside REALTORS (R)
Creekmore Law Firm
Design Nine
Energy Check
Fusion Business Accelerator (BA), a Fusion PR company
Kathy Claytor
First Bank & Trust Company
Hodges, Jones & Mabry, P.C.
IDD, Inc.
Jim Flowers
FurnishWEB / Internet Databases
The Lunch Pail Defense Foundation
Progress Street Builders
MEDCottage / N2Care
New River Valley Economic Development Alliance
One-on-One Endurance
Rural System
Shelter Alternatives
Valley Business FRONT
Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center
VT KnowledgeWorks
WilderWeber Leadership Group

“The need for a thoughtful Web 2.0 presence is of growing importance in today’s marketplace, as customers and users demand more interaction and updated, useful information.  While helping its customers navigate this new world, Handshake 2.0 also manages to capture a timeless truth – that even in the Web 2.0 environment, it is the relationship that is of ultimate importance.  This is where Handshake 2.0 excels, and why it has succeeded.”
Ken Maready, Hutchison Law Group


“In only a year, Handshake 2.0 has established itself as a first-class blog, ranked in the top 0.3% of blogs tracked by Technorati. In addition, Anne Clelland is now the acknowledged regional expert on social media. Very few start-ups achieve that level of market success in their first year.”
Jim Flowers, Executive Director, VT KnowledgeWorks


“I’ve been working with Handshake 2.0 for about five months.  I’ve know Anne Clelland for much longer and admired her drive and enthusiasm, but I did not relate what she did with social media and public relations to my business.  Later, over lunch one day we discussed my business and she offered, ‘Let’s just try Handshake 2.0 for a month or two for your business.’ I’m glad I did.  I’ve made contacts in my industry I would not have made, there is more ‘churn’ in the market relative to our service, and our website traffic is up 14%.  Thanks H20!”
Barry Welch, Internet Databases, FurnishWEB


“Thanks, Anne, for being the best cheerleader a gal could ask for!!! The story got picked up by the AP!!”

– Kati Derrick, GO4THREE Multisport Coaching, volunteer fundraiser for non-profit Garrett’s Wings

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