5 Tips for Ordering Wine at Business Dinners

From Melissa and Rik Obiso, Attimo Winery:

Five tips for ordering wine at business dinners from Attimo Winery Business dinners are a great way to build relationships with colleagues and to introduce yourself to new customers, or to close a deal (if you're a deal-closer type).  Let's say you've thought of all the details - paying the bill in advance, seating arrangements, and topics for casual conversation.

You're sitting at dinner in a quaint local restaurant and it’s time to order the wine. It's your dinner – you're in charge. You may be an expert at your morning Starbuck’s ritual of a tall vanilla no whip half-calf, extra hot latte – but wine is a mystery to many people. 

"Attimo" is Italian for "moment" and we're here to guide you through the moments of ordering wine at a business dinner with style and confidence.

Tip 1:  Business dinners that involve wine always go over better if the host orders a light, refreshing white (usually toward the top of the list), or sparkling wine to set the tone and to give people time to decide on their menu selections.  It also gives you a few minutes for small talk. 

Tip 2:  Know the wine list – it’s better to either call ahead or review the wine list before dinner so you know the types of wines offered.  Place yourself in a position that allows you to order last and add a bottle of wine that best fits the pairing of what your colleagues have ordered.

Tip 3: When in doubt – ask for help from your mobile device or the nearest sommelier. 

Tip 4: Do not break the bank – there are a lot of wines under $30 (even with the restaurant mark-up) that can give the allure of sophistication and wine knowledge you will need at a dinner such as this.

Tip 5: Know the common standards for tasting and being served wine at a restaurant (more on this in a future post). 

For more tips and to find out more about wine etiquette, wine pairings, and the rituals of tasting and serving wine, we invite you to come by Attimo Winery in Christiansburg, Virginia.  We are the New River Valley of Virginia’s newest farm winery and offer a wide range of wines grown from our Virginia vineyards.  We offer a Wine Club and Wine Moments and look forward to offering classes and seminars beginning this summer when our newly built Attimo Winery Tasting Room opens in July, 2011.

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