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I have been fascinated by The Creekmore Law Firm's Small Business Plan since I first heard of it from James Creekmore.  As the founder of a still-small-but-potentially-high-growth-start-up, I probably have a legal question on a weekly basis.  I can relate to the opening sentence in The Creekmore Law Firm's Small Business Plan brochure (.pdf): "Perhaps it’s happened to you – a small business owner calls a lawyer to ask a simple question, then unexpectedly receives a huge bill a few weeks later. After an experience like that, it’s hard to pick up the phone the next time you have a legal question."  Since founding my start-up, I have worked with great satisfaction with several different legal firms.  I treasure the value of the expertise I receive.  I can't wait to have massive revenue, make that call on a weekly basis, and sign checks with flair for that value.  For now, I think very, very, very hard before I make that call.

The Creekmore Law Firm's Small Business Plan offers a one-time initial retainer fee, then a flat rate monthly retainer fee for unlimited legal advice.  The fees cover standard day-to-day services and the exceptions to what's covered are spelled out explicitly in the brochure.  For example, the complex documents required to launch a multi-founder start-up would not be covered.  But the answer to the question, "Now what am I supposed to do about the minutes for an annual corporate meeting again?" would be.

I asked James Creekmore about the origins of the Small Business Plan.  He replied:

We created the Small Business Plan in response to a growing number of clients who were just that, small businesses, who could not afford legal services at the traditional hourly rate model that most law firms employ.  Recognizing a growing number of these small, enterprising businesses in the New River Valley of Virginia and beyond, we decided we needed a new model that would fit their budget.

As a small business owner myself, I felt like this was a core constituency that we simply could not overlook.  What we also saw was that most businesses were trying to create their own legal documents by drawing from resources available on the Internet, and often were opening themselves up to greater legal needs and costs down the road by doing so. Ultimately, then, fitting the cost structure to their monthly budgets and, hopefully, helping them avoid a bigger financial hit down the road would serve small businesses well, and so far it's worked as we imagined. 

For us, although it involves providing legal services substantially below our regular hourly rates, it allows us to get involved in a variety of projects that we otherwise would be missing out on, which is simply fun and exciting for us on the experience scale.  It also has opened our doors to a great number of new clients who have become real friends of the firm.

The person to contact at Creekmore Law about the Small Business Plan is Keith FinchTyson Daniel, an attorney with hands-on entrepreneurial experience, is available for legal counsel through the plan as well.  

The Creekmore Law Firm's practice is balanced between business litigation and business counseling, with a heavy focus on intellectual property advice and litigation, including the extension and protection of trademarks, service marks, copyrights and patents, and all aspects of infringement litigation for each.  The Creekmore Law Firm is a member of The XDL Group, a multidimensional team of trial lawyers and IP professionals from six member law firms designed to handle the most sophisticated and complex intellectual property needs and cases nationwide. You're invited to read more about The Creekmore Law Firm on Handshake 2.0 and to follow @CreekmoreLaw on Twitter.

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