Visiting My Virginia Tech

When I lived in Tampa, a decade might pass before I went to the beach.  I returned to Blacksburg, Virginia and rarely visit the Virginia Tech campus.  In contrast to the lengthy, trafficky drive to the beach that made that trip a rarity, an easy two-mile walk could take me to the center of the Drill Field.  My undergraduate years at Virginia Tech were some of the best of my life.  But I don’t visit campus because that was another life, one I can’t relive or reclaim.  I was gone for twenty-three years.  Two decades of new structures and new buildings have changed the topography so much that, even at my own school, I am lost.

Visit Virginia Tech - a campus visit mobile app from Smart College Visit I had a sense of feeling found as I scrolled on my iPod touch through the list of 50+ academic and administrative buildings in Smart College Visit’s Visit Virginia Tech.  I didn’t stop for the new buildings whose names I didn’t recognize, but “toured” the buildings from my childhood years when my dad was a prof with offices on campus, the last in Cheatham Hall, and from my own undergraduate years, most spent in history classes in MyBryde Hall.  I was one of those 302 women for whom Shanks-the-Corps-of-Cadets-barracks was converted to Shanks-the-residence hall.  And I sat among the 3000 in Burruss Hall who heard Vincent Price himself cackle deliciously about playing the evil Dr. Phibes.

I visited my Virginia Tech using Visit Virginia Tech.  I can imagine other alums might find Visit Virginia Tech a way to visit their Virginia Techs, too.


Jeremy Hart seemed to have a similar experience when he wrote, " has made it a lot easier to visit campus even when you can’t actually be on campus." covered the story in Want to visit Virginia Tech? There's an app for that! Here's Virginia Tech's announcement of Smart College Visit's mobile guide to the Virginia Tech campus and a description of the app on Smart College Visit.  Oh, yes, and a link to Visit Virginia Tech in the iTunes App Store.

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