Smart College Visit’s CampusChat Turns 50

Today is Wednesday, the mid-point of the traditional work week, and for me, this particular Wednesday, April 20, 2011, is special. It marks the 50th time Smart College Visit has hosted CampusChat.

Smart College Visit hosts its 50th #CampusChat CampusChat is a Twitter chat covering topics related to all things college: campus visits, college admissions, college life and careers. Participants have included college-bound teens, parents, authors, consultants, college admissions professionals, and vendors who serve college-related markets. Adding the hashtag "#campuschat" is all that's required to participate in the chat.

In a word, CampusChat has been FUN! It's also been educational, informative, enlightening, friendly, engaging, and helpful.

What is it like to participate in a Twitter chat?
It's like instant messaging on steroids. A Twitter chat is the flashmob of text-based sharing. A regular group of followers shows up each week for CampusChat to share their insights, ideas, and especially their humor in ways that not only entertain but also provoke thought.

Expert guests are invited to share their knowledge and lead discussions. I've been very fortunate to be able to connect with authors and experts via Twitter and blogs to include some of the best and most popular celebs in higher-ed. I've got to admit it's pretty exciting to have guests on CampusChat such as Harlan Cohen, Eric Yaverbaum, and Amie Hoff who have also been seen on the Today Show, CBS Morning, Good Morning America or Fox.

And then there are those guests who may or may not have made it to network televsion but are well-respected in higher education, parenting, or college admissions as "go-to" experts in their specific areas such as Akil Bello, Suzanne Shaffer, Jeannie Borin, and Eric Stoller. It can be quite heady to know that something you've created turns out to be something people want and like.

My guest tonight is an expert-in training: Debbie Stier. Debbie is a mom who is taking the concept of helping her children prepare for college to a new level. Just like her kids, she is preparing to take the SAT. And, she's set an auspicious goal for herself: to score 2400, a perfect score on the SAT.  Learn more about the Perfect Score Project tonight on #CampusChat.

Would you take the SAT again?

From test prep tips to study habits to study guide materials, Debbie will share some of the insights she's gleaned while on this journey. Moms, Dads, teens, word and math geeks – all are invited to join us tonight for CampusChat No.50, at 9PM Eastern.

Z. Kelly Queijo is founder of Smart College Visit, Inc., a Blacksburg, Virginia-based higher-ed marketing company focused on mobile app and mobile web development with a special interest in creating travel and location-based tools and services., a college search and college visit planning portal, has been listed in the Top 100 education advice blogs and as one of the top 5 college visit sites. You are invited to follow her on Twitter @collegevisit.

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