Join Me on She Chooses, the Social Network for Women

I am one of four co-founders of She Chooses, the social network for women, and we released the public beta version of our web application yesterday, March 22, 2011 at 3:43 PM EDT.

The uniqueness of She Chooses is what women share and how and with whom they share it.  She Chooses has an algorithm-based feature – Feel. Think. Choose. – that invites women to take a moment for themselves to consider their feelings as they make choices and share them.  A member can share updates socially with “Everyone” – which can be viewed by the public – and with “Friends” – visible only to the member – but she can also choose to share updates only with herself as a way to record her feelings and thoughts as a personal journal.

There’s much more.  She Chooses members can offer Appreciation Ratings, we have a She Chooses debut ad opportunity, and we are offering a very contemporary answer to the age-old question, “What do women want?” Here’s more of the story on How She Chooses Works and our first FAQs from our pre-beta testers.  Our mobile app version is under development.

A screenshot of my She Chooses dashboard as a logged in member shows my “Everyone” tab selected displaying all of the public updates on She Chooses.  I love the “Congratulations” and the “I don’t have clue.” Both updates express what I consider to be the profound truth of She Chooses – it’s novel.  There’s nothing else like it. And I believe its effect on a woman’s life can be of inestimable value.

She Chooses fewer than 24 hours after public beta release

She Chooses is a global application with a global vision. Women around the world are invited to join me on She Chooses.

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