Why Doesn’t Your Business Facebook Page Have a Custom Profile Image?

"Why should it?" I asked Patsy Stewart of The Social BUZZ Lab. Hoo-hoo, I laughed when I got this answer from Patsy.  I didn't know she would use my business's Facebook page as an example!   

Hey Anne,

The Social BUZZ Lab - Facebook Workshop I was looking at your Handshake 2.0 business page on Facebook and I noticed you don't have a custom profile image. I was wondering why not??  Can I tell you what you're missing out on?

  • Facebook has graciously given us 180 x 540 pixels of prime space! Why not use it to further brand your company?!
  • I was looking for your phone number and I had to hunt for it.  You can use this area to display your contact info like your phone number, email, website and address.
  • I love a firm handshake but what is Handshake 2.0? A tagline or short description would let me immediately know if I want to "LIKE" your page!
  • I know you provide great services but I couldn't find them easily and I don't want to leave Facebook.  Why not list them on your profile image?
  • I know who you are but everyone doesn't.  How about adding your picture to be transparent?!!
  • And one further idea, how about using your Facebook page to promote your next event?

Keep me posted!!

P.S. Same applies for She Chooses!!

Patsy Stewart
The Social BUZZ Lab

Here's my reply:

Hey, Patsy!

I heard you speak at the 2010 Roanoke Regional Writers' Conference at Hollins University and was so impressed with your presence and expertise.  As a result of that meeting and after observing your social media strategy execution on several projects, we become an appreciative client.  I continue to very much like the way you ask me questions without telling me what I should do.  I know you respect my vision for my company. 

I clicked on some of the latest examples of Facebook pages by The Social BUZZ Lab, including Loving & Son Builders and, of course, The Social BUZZ Lab.  To use current design lingo, they "popped"! Then I clicked back onto Handshake 2.0's Facebook page.  Pleasant, but, uh, where's the pop?

I know you know that I need to ponder these things.  I'm pondering. Thanks for making me laugh – and think.

Very best wishes,

Patsy Stewart and The Social BUZZ Lab are offering a personal, intensive, hands-on, limited-seating Building BUZZ with Your Facebook Page Workshop on Thursday, April 14, 2010 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.  Included in the $99 fee are not only instruction on the ins and outs of Facebook for business, but a professionally designed profile image for the attendee's business Facebook page.

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