1 of 20 Women Who Developed Mobile Apps

Thank you, Jenna Drew, for including our experience with mobile apps in Mobile App Development: 20 Women Who Developed Mobile Apps Share Their Experiences, International Association of Women Entrepreneurs Online (IAWEO), March 1, 2011.  Here's an excerpt with our story:

Anne Giles Clelland"A company needs to reach people – a.k.a. customers – to whom it can sell products and services in order to survive and thrive. According to Juniper Research, mobile device downloads are expected to reach 25 billion in 2015. A website potentially reaches only 2 billion people on the Internet, a Facebook page a paltry 500 million, and a Twitter account a mere 100 million. 25 billion downloads? Of course a company needs a mobile app.”

“For us, our corporate mobile app needed to be 1) of value to the user, 2) mission-based. Our site’s mission is to extend the “it’s who you know” handshake of what begins business deals in person to the “it’s still who you know” Handshake 2.0 of what can begin deals online. We had the proverbial light bulb moment when we realized that our mobile app – used, of course, on a hand-held device – needed to feature the people on Handshake 2.0 to make them available for business-beginning handshakes!”

“Even in 2009, Forrester priced minimal corporate mobile apps at $20K, so we created our app in-house. This was my first experience with the software development process and I found it heart-poundingly exciting and mind-bogglingly complex. Our development efforts succeeded and multiple versions of our Handshake(TM) App are now part of those billions of mobile app downloads.”

“Business results for us? We extended our brand, added mobile app development as a new line of business since it fit our company’s strengths and vision, and added a new revenue stream. And learning any new technology increases the likelihood we can innovate again and again,” said Anne Giles Clelland, M.A., M.S., the President of Handshake Media, Incorporated and founder of Handshake 2.0.

Handshake Media's latest Handshake(TM) mobile app is Foto Puzzler.  Here are all the mobile applications from Handshake Media.

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