The Things We Do for Love (Love of the Business)

A group of agents from Coldwell Banker Townside attended a Hobbs-Herder marketing seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina a few weeks ago to learn ideas on how to enhance their personal marketing. As a company, we also chose to send our marketing department staff members Kelsey Sarles and Caroline Laski because we wanted to support the promotion techniques the agents were learning. 

I really like real estate seminars, even when they are a little “cheesy,” because I always feel like I am better at my job for having attended.  I always gain knowledge; I am always inspired; I am sometimes a little embarrassed; but almost always I get just plain fun from doing something new and sharing with other real estate professionals. 

When I saw the exercise in the video, I knew that the agents and our marketing team had experienced all.  The participants were asked to write their five-year plans on a wooden board, write obstacles to the success of those plans, and then in a moment of power and abandonment, break through their obstacles.  Pretty cool. They confronted knowledge of self, were inspired by goals and truth, and had fun purely from laughing and sharing the moment.

I am inspired by agents when they “give it up” for their talent. Trying new things is hard for all, but I really appreciate when an agent, or any professional, is willing to enhance, educate, and enlighten purely for the love of, and the desire to be better in, their business. 

You can see all of the Coldwell Banker Townside participants on Keepin’ it Real and read a little about their experience first-hand.

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