Women and Mobile Apps Market Research – Survey Results

She Chooses(TM) and Handshake Media, Incorporated commissioned a study by Piedmont Research Associates on women and mobile applications.  The first release was The Apps That Connect Us – A Report on Women, Smart Phones and Mobile Apps.  Women were then invited to take The Apps That Connect Us – Women and Mobile Apps Survey, an additional part of the study.

Ages of women owning smartphones - Women and Mobile Apps Survey The Apps That Connect Us:  Women and Mobile Apps Survey Results (.pdf) from Piedmont Research Associates was released on January 3, 2011.

Here are excerpts:

As a follow-up to “The Apps that Connect Us, A Report on Women, Mobile Phones and Apps," we created a survey to verify some trends and dig deeper.  The nine-question survey was distributed virally through blog posts, email and social networking sites. It ran for the month of December 2010 and garnered 231 responses. The ages of the respondents ranged from under 18 to over 65. All respondents were self-reported as women.

Social media apps were the most popular apps used by the women who responded to the survey (78.1 percent). The majority of those – 77 percent – were between the ages of 25 and 54. None of the women who used their smart phones just for business used a social media app. Seventy-three percent of them used their mobile devices for both personal and business.


Mobile apps used by women - Women and Mobile Apps Survey You're invited to read the full report:  The Apps That Connect Us:  Women and Mobile Apps Survey Results (.pdf) from Piedmont Research Associates.

She Chooses(TM) is the social network for women.

Handshake Media, Incorporated is a technology company specializing in digital media public relations for corporations through online content, social media, and mobile applications.  Handshake Media is the maker of the Handshake(TM) App and the parent company of Handshake 2.0.

Piedmont Research Associates is a research firm offering community research and statistics, competitive business intelligence, corporate writing services, and public relations.

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