She Chooses Featured on Beta List

Thank you so much, Marc Köhlbrugge, for announcing the upcoming beta release of She Chooses on Beta List!

She Chooses, the social network for women, is featured on Beta List!

She Chooses(TM) is a social network and algorithm-based application for women.  It's about feelings.

I had to laugh when I read Marc's guarded review and can appreciate it:  "Surely not for everyone, but that probably just makes it even more interesting for the people that are interested."  We're definitely developing an application that is, to quote pre-beta test observer Z. Kelly Queijo of SmartCollegeVisit, "unusual." And I can concur from personal experience with Margaret Stewart of YouTube, formerly of Google, describing the "complexity of an emotionally driven product" in Fast Company: "Things that are funny or sad, those are messy queries to deal with."

We've pre-beta tested She Chooses.  Here's the post about our pre-beta testing session and here's our video of the session on YouTube, Pre-Beta Testing She Chooses.

Women are invited to sign up to participate in our pre-public beta release through the She Chooses home page.

We learned about Beta List from Wade Hammes who tweeted us about Gives Early Adopters a Heads Upon TechCrunch. 

We really appreciate the generosity of Beta List for sharing news of our start-up.  We're glad to reciprocate with Beta List's great news:  Beta List is an official media partner of the LAUNCH Conference 2011 to be held in San Francisco, California, February 23-24, 2011.  Good luck fellow start-up founder, Marc, and thanks again!


We're telling the story of the founding and development of She Chooses on About She Chooses on the She Chooses blog and in the category She Chooses on Handshake 2.0

On our site, you can read more about She Chooses and about the She Chooses team.  We share our latest news and latest features on the She Chooses blog, She Chooses on Facebook, and She Chooses on Twitter.

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  1. Gail Billingsley says:

    Very cool review for a great new app.

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