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ReviewHounds launched its online reputation management system early this year.  ReviewHounds's services to business owners include custom ReviewHounds TRACKreports documenting a company's online reputation.  A TRACKreport addresses these questions and more: "Where can people find you?" "Where do people talk about you?" "How are people rating you?" and how your reputation changes over time. We display an image from the first page of a sample TRACKreport (click the image for a larger view) and you can view an entire sample ReviewHounds TRACKreport here (.pdf).

Online reputation management TRACKreport from ReviewHoundsFrom ReviewHounds:

ReviewHounds provides business owners with the most effective tools to understand, monitor and improve their online reputations. We believe that service companies, especially in the food and drink industry, need help to proactively manage their online reputations, maximize their web presences, and appeal fake reviews hurting a company's reputation.  While our primary aim is to create tools that help business owners understand what is being said about their businesses and how that is changing over time, we want to support the business in the pursuit of new customers with our customized reputation improvement program. Inquiries for more information on our customized reputation improvement program can be sent to [email protected].

It's still who you know – and we're delighted to know the founders of ReviewHoundsMarek Zareba, Jaime Camelio, and Lee Wells

We'll have more to share about ReviewHounds on Handshake 2.0, but in the meantime, you're invited to learn more about ReviewHounds and more about online reputation management on the ReviewHounds Blog.  You can like ReviewHounds on Facebook and follow ReviewHounds on Twitter.

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