On Being Average

If you want to be average, be average. But be happy about it.After one particularly lazy quarter in 1981 at Virginia Tech, I sat on the edge of the bed in my room and burst into tears when I opened my grades.  My mother came in and found me boo-hooing, and asked quite simply whether I had done work that warranted any higher grades.  "Truthfully," I answered through the tears, "No."  In one of her most brilliant mother moments, she relieved me of the responsibility to please only her:  "Margaret, if you want to be average, be average. But be happy about it."

What relief!  I felt instantaneous pleasure at the loss of that parental performance burden.  The next feeling, however, and equally as strong, was a flash of anger. "I'm not average!  How could anyone assume that I am average, or be happy with being average? Harumph."  Needless to say, when I took responsibility for my own success, my grades and my pride in performance improved significantly and I learned so much more because somehow it really was finally up to me.

I've told this story to the agents at Coldwell Banker Townside at the beginning of each year to help them understand that their financial success is a personal choice.  Being an ethical, resourceful, responsive real estate agent is a necessity, required by their clients and by the company.  But choosing how much work to do to have more business is a personal decision.  Year-end reviews of production and the bottom line show how much "work" was done by each agent.  As they prepare their business plans for the coming year, I remind them to ask themselves if they are "average" and "happy" and to adjust accordingly.

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