Who’s in FRONT? Emily Stuart

Emily Stuart
Emily Stuart, retired director of the YMCA at Virginia Tech, is featured in the December 2010 issue of Valley Business FRONT.

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  1. Ann Shawhan says:

    Emily Stuart and her husband, Bob, are at the top of my list for people whose lives make a difference for everyone who knows them. They have been joyously heroically active all their lives and serve as a model to us all.

  2. So beautiful to hear! I was out of Blacksburg from 1983 until 2006, so missed seeing their work first-hand. I’m a fan of the Y, however, and so respect and appreciate their legacy.

  3. Jill Elswick says:

    Emily & Bob were kind enough to take me on as a tenant in the mid 90s when I worked at Virginia Tech. I was only with them for a short time, but they made a powerful impression on me. If they only knew how often I think of them! I’m glad Valley Business FRONT honored Emily Stuart’s contribution to the Blacksburg community through her leadership of the YMCA.

  4. Emily & Bob have truly made a difference in this community that will last long beyond their years. And what is so impressive is that they didn’t do it with money or power, they did it through thoughtful attention to the needs of others and drive to do what they could to make each person’s life a little better.

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