I’m a ‘Toon!

I met Klaus Shmidheiser at a Handshake 2.0 event and learned of his site, Corporate Toons.  Become a hand-created cartoon for $10?  Sure!

I hooted with joy and amusement when "Roseanne McClelland" arrived in my email inbox!

Cartoon of Anne Giles Clelland by Klaus Shmidheiser

I didn't know this until the cartoon arrived with a link - each new cartoon goes into the Interview Room.  If 50 people "Like" the cartoon – in this case, Roseanne McClelland, a.k.a. Anne Clelland as a 'toon – that cartoon gets to be in a comic strip.  Me, in a comic strip?!  That's like having a chance to be on stage!  I could be a star! Wheee!! 

I shared the link to Roseanne on Twitter and Facebook.  Alas, I have too few "Likes" to be a comic strip star.  But with goodwill and appreciation towards a company, I shared one of its products in my social media channels.  Research like this from Sage Pal suggests that customers are more likely to buy when referred to a product or service through social media channels.   "Roseanne McClelland, Social Networking Expert" will coin a phrase for her experience with Klaus Shmidheiser, Cartoonist:  a "kind business model."

And I, "Anne Clelland, Herself," can be pretty serious (agh, do I really wag my finger like that?!).  Klaus Shmidheiser made me laugh.

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  1. Congrats on being a cartoon. I have a caricature myself and have been in 3 cartoons. It has been cool to check the site and see my cartoon doing stuff.

    Looking forward to seeing you in a future strip!

  2. Here is my character and at the bottom a list of the comics I have appeared in.


    Favorite is the one with me and Russell from Easy Chair.


  3. Now, I can add “Give the gift of a Toon” to my Christmas to do list! Love it!

  4. Thanks for sharing the links to your ‘toons, Allen! Love ’em!

    And I was thinking the same thing, ZKQ, about cartoons as gifts!

    Thanks for the comments!

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