What About Mobile App Developers?

I love this infographic on web designers vs. web developers.  The Venn diagram of what each is afraid of is priceless.  So, what about a mobile app developer?  What does he wear?  What's he afraid of?

(I'm okay with, "Yes, we know some designers and programmers are women.  But the statement stands!"  I personally know very few female designers and programmers, and I know no female mobile app developers. That will change.  I met a few interested female college students at a recent mobile app development workshop.  Good.)

Web Designers vs. Web Developers by @shanesnow for Wix.com

Thanks to Alex Edelman for pointing out this infographic to me on Gizmodo (the comments on the Gizmodo post are definitely worth reading) and to @shanesnow and Wix.comfor posting this invitation with the infographic: "You are most welcome to share this infographic with your audience."

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  1. You have not defined the difference between what a web designer is versus a web developer. In some circles, web designers are more to do with the graphic design while web developer do the programming using HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

  2. Good point. The comments on Gizmodo where the infographic was also posted discuss that subject VERY thoroughly. 🙂


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