Physical and Philanthropic Feats at The Weight Club’s Fall Fitness Challenge

I was at The Weight Club doing circuit training with Don Belote on October 30, 2010, the day of The Weight Club's Fall Fitness Challenge in Blacksburg, Virginia.  I had spoken with Vaughn Twigger prior to the start of the Challenge and learned that his personal record for tire flips was 7.  I will admit that I have given one of those giant tractor tires a tug, contemplating whether or not I could flip it.  That would be a no.

I watched the Fall Fitness Challenge as if in an arena while doing run intervals on the Weight Club's elevated track.  When it was Vaughn's turn to flip tires, I stopped to watch.  That really loud whistle at an exciting point in the video?  That's mine! 

I am a fan of The Weight Club - what few realize is a non-profit organization - and of the Humane Society from which my cat was adopted in Tampa.  The Weight Club's Fall Fitness Challenge benefited the Humane Society of Montgomery County, Virginia.

And I am a huge fan of a weight-lifting feat. Watch these deadlifts by Kurt Weidner!

Here's more from the organizers of The Weight Club's Fall Fitness Challenge:

The Weight Club Fall Fitness Challenge raised over $4500 for the Humane Society of Montgomery County, Virginia.  Participants received pledges of support and trained toward a maximum effort that was put to the test and showcased on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at Blacksburg Health and Fitness at the Weight Club.  Organizer Kurt Weidner, WNBF Professional Bodybuilder and personal trainer, combined his passion for health and fitness with his interest in animal welfare to create this exciting event. Weidner explained, "My goal for the Fall Fitness Challenge was to provide gym members an opportunity to challenge themselves, to inspire other members toward greater personal goals, and to raise money for an important cause using economic incentives to push our limits."  The participants are thankful to the many generous sponsors who made this donation possible.  Accomplishments from the event included:

JoungHyun Choi- 22 pull-ups
Ellen Cianelli – ran 30 laps
David Clark – 86 push-ups
Matthew Gonzalez – deadlift 315 for 16 reps
Juliet Gotthardt – squat 155 lbs for 13 reps
Cortney Martin – max bench press of 130 lbs
Liz Ruckman – deadlift 90 lbs for 40 reps, squats 95 lbs for 15 reps
Linda Srygley – 209 sit-ups
Mario Travis – 36 pull-ups
Vaughan Twigger – 850 lb tire flip 11 times
Kurt Weidner – deadlift 405 for 32 reps, 850 lb tire flip 14 times

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  1. Few women can do unassisted pull-ups on a bar – I was really impressed to witness JounHyun Choi do 22. My PR for a bench press was 130 lbs. when I was about 18 on a weight machine. Kudos to triathlete Cortney Martin for a post-18 bench press of 130 lbs. – with free weights!

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