What to Do About Web Advertising?

Jakob Nielsen has been arguing since 1997 that advertising doesn't work on the Web.  A post on TechCrunch in 2009 by Eric Clemons, Why Advertising is Failing on the Internet, generated 590 comments and a follow-up from the author. But, Linda Abraham of comScore, writing this month for AdWeek, says it's not the click-through that's of value, but the "creative" of the web ad that can produce "view-through" results and a "latent branding impact."

What's an online start-up to do about online advertising in an attempt to devise a business plan with a real business model?

Offer it.

That's what we've decided to do for the She Chooses(TM) blog

How much should advertisers pay?  A post from 2008 on Problogger by Daniel Scocco, How Much Should I Charge for My Advertising Space?, is the clearest guide we've seen to determining advertising rates.  For now, advertising on the She Chooses(TM) blog is free. 

On our advertising page, we've been transparent about our traffic.  The Facebook widget on the blog's home page shows how many "likers" we have.  At least when they ask the question, " What to do about web advertising?", potential advertisers will have data with which they can decide for themselves.


I am one of four co-founders of She Chooses(TM), the social network for women. We think it's the answer to what women want.  Our site and applications are wildly under development.  The president and CEO of Handshake Media - I know her very well - has decided to advertise the Handshake(TM) App on the She Chooses(TM) blog.  I love this  "creative" of our web ad by Kelsey Sarles.  May it produce "view-through" results and a "latent branding impact" – and business!

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