Town of Social Media Innovators – Blacksburg, Virginia

Remember when Phil Buehler of OgilvyOne was in Blacksburg, Virginia for our Foursquare Swarm Badge Party this year and kindly co-sponsored it with Handshake 2.0 and Coldwell Banker Townside REALTORS(R)?  It wasn't Phil's first visit.  He was in Blacksburg, Virginia when it was dubbed the Most Wired Town in America.

On his return in 2010, Phil termed Blacksburg, Virginia "a town of innovators" and he and his team interviewed "many of the town’s early adopters and community leaders to learn how they’re using social and mobile media in their lives and businesses."  Here's Phil Buehler's report: 15 Years Later, the First Internet Wired Town Is Again Worth Watching.  I was delighted to be included in the film and delighted to see so many members of our online and off-line community including Katie PritchardTina Merritt, Jeremy Hart, Kimberly Reynolds and Russell Chisholm of Easy Chair

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  1. don’t forget @journeyguy too!!!

  2. Thanks! I didn’t know a few of the people or didn’t recognize them – thanks for the update!

  3. I think it speaks volumes when it’s the locally-owned, independent coffee shop biz or movie theater, and the locally-owned new wine bar who, among other individuals and businesses, are reaching out to connect with their customers via social media and their customers are extending the reach by sharing their updates with followers.For years our community’s been known by bumper stickers that read “Blacksburg, a special place.” Seems like “Blacksburg, a social media place” would also suit.

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