Ridding the World of Unemployment

I received this in an email:

"Saman Rahmanian decided to give up his career in the advertising industry to try and help 'rid the world of unemployment.'  With unemployment still at a daunting 9.6% and no end to this crisis in sight, Rahamanian understood the need for jobseekers to reinvent themselves and market their skills differently than ever before.  He created a new website, Tischen, aimed to help such people get working again."

A site whose mission is to "rid the world of unemployment"?  That I definitely wanted to know more about.  Thank you, Saman Rahmanian, for sharing more about your vision with Handshake 2.0.

A guest post for Handshake 2.0 from Saman Rahmanian, CEO and founder of Tischen.

Saman Rahmanian According to the most recent Kaufmann Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, more entrepreneurs launched new businesses last year than in any other time over the past 14 years. Against the backdrop of a gripping recession, this news may at first seem counter-intuitive – who in their right mind would launch a new venture amid such dismal times?

But, even while hiring budgets remain tight, the need for talented individuals with specific skills remains very strong, prompting an explosion in the number of self-employed, freelancers and independent contractors providing specific services with no long-term employment obligation.

The trend has employers asking themselves, “Why buy the whole cow when all we need is the milk?” And, the situation has become ideal for motivated, enterprising individuals who relish the opportunity to control their own destiny and choose clients/projects that best suit their taste or style.

However, while the newly self-employed may have terrific skills to offer, many have no idea how to market their services and attract enough clients to generate a livable income.

Enter Tischen – a free web platform that helps talented, independent individuals promote their skills, services and availability to potential clients and/or employers. The site provides jobseekers with an easy-to-use web presence, as well as promotional tools to help them grow clientele and expand their marketing reach.

This kind of “matchmaking” service enables freelance service providers to accumulate a wider range of clients that can help guard against future downturns – by not putting all of their eggs in one company’s basket, independent service providers can minimize the risk of unemployment.

And, by working with different employers, products and industries, individuals can gain a broader set of diverse, applicable skills that could be used to build a long and lucrative freelance career – or secure a full-time position should the right opportunity arise.

Saman Rahmanian is CEO and founder of Tischen. A former advertising creative at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Rahmanian left a job he loved in the midst of global recession to help others find employment.  He launched Tischen globally in July 2010.  You're invited to find out the latest news on Saman Rahmanian and Tischen on Twitter.

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