Master Lock Vault: Q and A

As what I term a technology survivor, I love Software-as-a-Service.  No more one billion installations and downloads of software programs!  A downside of SaaS?  One billion user names and passwords!  Having in complete frustration just made a spreadsheet to try to keep track of them all, I was delighted to receive this email from Master Lock:

Master Lock VaultI thought you might be interested in this new website/mobile app. How many times have you had to use the "forgot my password" option when trying to log in to an account? In this digital age of PIN numbers, codes, passwords and combinations, it’s easy to misplace your login information or worse, completely forget it. 

Master Lock Vault to the rescue!

Just plug in all of your various passwords or even combination codes inside the Master Lock Vault, and they will be secure with the highest level of website security available today – a 256 bit encrypted connection.  You can use the Vault either by desktop and mobile versions or the iPhone App. Additional details and images can be found here.

I replied to Master Lock - and they replied back!  I was so impressed with their willingness to have an in-depth conversation about Master Lock Vault.  Our Q & A follows:


Let me see if I understand how this works.
I have the passwords on my mobile phone – I have a Droid X BTW – app available for Android? – look them up on my mobile phone, then read from the mobile app to type in my login info on my desktop/laptop?  Is that it?

Master Lock:

The app for Android is not available yet but you can visit through your smartphone or your computer. You can set up an account where you can store all your passwords securely. You are correct in that whenever you need a reminder of the passwords you can read them from your account in the Vault.  It is a more secure way to store your passwords than on a piece of paper by your desk or in other unsecure sites.


Is this available for the PC (or for someone with a Mac), or online as Software-as-a-Service, or only as an iPhone app?

Master Lock:

The Master Lock Vault is a free app for iPhone as well as a free website people can visit from a PC, Mac, and/or mobile phone. I hope that helps!


I've shown this to a few people and these are their questions:
Free?!  How would a free site guarantee the security of my info.?  If it's free, you get what you pay for!
Do they "aggregate" user information like other sites that will remain unnamed and sell my private information to marketers?
Secure?  There's no real security, not in this day and age.  What steps do they take to ensure it's as secure as can be?
Master Lock is a trusted brand but, gee, entrust all my user names and passwords to them?  I dunno…

Master Lock:

Thanks for your questions and for sharing the tool with others. Here is some background on the website:
The site started as a place for lock owners to store their combinations, so they wouldn’t forget them, but has recently been expanded and updated into the new Master Lock Vault for safe storage of all combinations and passwords that are easy to forget. 
The site provides the highest level of website security available today – that 256 bit encrypted connection. You know you are on the secured site when you see the green browser bar with the secure padlock icon. This means that the site is secured against unauthorized interception of data, and that all data flowing to and from the site is encrypted, which makes all exchanges between the site and its visitors 100 percent private. At current computing speeds, a hacker with the time, tools and motivation to attack a site using brute force would require thousands (if not more) years to break into this type of site. Master Lock is doing everything possible to ensure top-notch security on the Vault site. 
Master Lock has absolutely no access to any information stored in the Vault, and does not share users’ information with anyone, ever.

Master Lock wanted to find a solution to a problem many people have of needing a secure place for all their passwords.  Master Lock Vault is the solution.

Thank you again so much, Master Lock, for sharing information so generously with me.  Looking forward to trying the Master Lock Vault app on my Droid X!

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