How Many Handhelds Does It Take to Make a Movie About the iPad? One iPod Touch Will Do

If you've ever been on a video shoot with a video production crew, then you know there are at least 2-3 people and several bags of equipment involved in the hands-on process of making a movie. Once the shoot is over and the crew returns to the studio, other equipment and software come into play so that the video files can be edited, with credits and background music added, to create the finished product which can then be posted and distributed through social media channels. This scenario involves a lot of hands and a lot of equipment, but what if you could do all of this and, perhaps even more, with a single-handheld device?

Hunter Berk, a Senior at Fox Chapel Area High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania did just that. Using only the Apple iMovie on the iPod touch, he took advantage of the built-in camera and built-in microphone to make a movie. He shot video at multiple locations, made edits, merged files, added text overlays, credits, and music to produce "Special Education and the iPad." 

Special Education and the iPad from Hunter Berk on Vimeo.

Hunter has been employed by his school district's technology department for the last three years and has worked with the school's "Classrooms for the Future" student cohort. A keynote panelist for the Western PA TRETC conference, this month he was featured in Family Circle Magazine for his College Bound Collection, a project that helps underprivileged students access college preparation materials. His college plans include majoring in film and television where he can also blend his interests in technology, music, and sound.

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Z. Kelly Queijo is president and founder of Smart College Visit, Inc., a college visit travel planning resource for college-bound teens and their families. She is a frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0 and founder of  SmartCollegeVisit featured Hunter in Hunter Berk's Good Idea College Prep for All.

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