Women and Apps: Mobile and Social

Juniper Research predicts 25 billion downloads of mobile apps by 2015.

We continue our market research on women and their use of mobile applications and mobile devices.  We add this post to Best Mobile Apps for WomenMobile Apps for Women in Business and Women and Smartphones.

Women with smartphones are mobile and social. In their use of mobile download site Myxer, as reported by Mobile Marketer, "Females continue their dominance on mobile, accounting for 67 percent of downloads across Myxer’s platform in April.  According to the study, for the month of April women represented 4.5 million downloads and males represented 2.2 million downloads. This large disparity in downloads is due to two factors; there are roughly 1.7 times as many females as males downloading content from Myxer on a monthly basis, and each female that visits downloads 17 percent more content than the average male.

However, a survey with more than 80,000 responses reported by The Wall by Lady Geek TV and YouGov SixthSense, found that women with smartphones are twice as likely as men to never have downloaded an app.  Reasons cited for the disparity included women's inability to make selections from an overwhelming number of choices of available apps, and a perception that mobile apps are not relevant to women's lives.  "A plethora of fart-based apps lends some credence to this belief."

According to the Mobile Industry Review on The Female App Economy, "The number 1 app for female smart-phone owners over 55 is Facebook, with 18% of survey participants in this group saying that a social networking app is their favourite app… 22.5% of female smart-phone owners over 55 found out about their favourite app from a recommendation from a friend, compared to only 12.9% of male smart phone within the same age band."

Women on the Web: How Women Are Shaping the Internet, the June 2010 report from ComScore, states, "Regardless of how much you believe that women are primarily communicators, networkers and facilitators, it’s clear they are embracing social networking in a way that men are not…  with Social Networking sites… Social networking is also emerging as a key driver for women in the mobile sphere… Women’s adoption of mobile social networking, however, is a clear indicator that mobile Internet services are moving out of early adopter mode and into the mainstream."

The report continues, "The main thing holding them [women] back is Internet connectivity, and that barrier will gradually be removed going forward. Although mobile adoption among women seems to trail men currently, this appears to be primarily driven by availability of data plans rather than an inherent tendency to be less engaged. As data plans become more available and affordable, women will take their seat at the mobile Web table as well. Once women connect, they engage; once they engage, they embrace; once they embrace, they drive. And that’s the future."

Our conclusion?  A social networking site for women is a very good idea.  And it needs a mobile app.

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