Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce in Virginia Launches Mobile App

"Mobile apps are the way of the future.  We want everything in our lives as accessible as possible in as many ways as possible.  We want quick, fast, easy access.  We want it to be that easy for everyone to find members of the Chamber and do business with them.  That's why we're thrilled to have the Montgomery County Chamber mobile app out for the Android."
Catherine Sutton, Executive Director, The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Virginia

We're delighted to announce the Montgomery County Chamber App, a Handshake(TM) App for the Android from Handshake Media, Incorporated.

You're invited to use the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce mobile app to network with the members of the Montgomery County Virginia Chamber for new business connections, contacts, leads, referrals and opportunities.

The Montgomery County Chamber App is available in the Android Market.


Download the Montgomery County Chamber Virginia App for the Android

(Please note that the Android link will not work in a Web browser on a computer.)

You're invited to download the app using the QR Code below.

Step 1. Open your barcode scanner app.
Step 2. Center and scan the QR code below.
Step 3. Open the browser link which will direct you to the Android Marketplace.
Step 4. Download the app.


The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerice, Virginia, is a client of Handshake Media, Incorporated, the parent company of Handshake 2.0.

The Montgomery Chamber Virginia App is a Handshake(TM) App, developed by Handshake Media, Incorporated.  The Handshake(TM) App runs on a Rackspace Cloud server.

Learn more about cloud computing from The Rackspace Cloud at

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