CampusChat: Keeping Time with Keepstream

CampusChat has made me a creature of habit. On May 5, 2010, I began hosting this Twitter chat - which addresses topics ranging from the college-bound to the college grad – every Wednesday evening at 9 p.m., Eastern. Then, on each Thursday morning following, I compose a summary of “Takeaway Tweets” - what I deem the best of the best messages posted during the chat so that readers don't have to dig through the entire transcript to get to the good stuff.

This routine used to be a time-consuming and cumbersome effort, then I began using the social media curation tool Keepstream. It used to take a lot of time to search through the hundreds of Twitter posts, copy and paste the selected tweets, and then edit to get the appearance I wanted for the blog post on SmartCollegeVisit. Now, the time I spend creating the CampusChat Takeaway Tweets has been cut in half and the presentation is – in my opinion – gorgeous.

I learned of Keepstream from Tim Gasper, one of the three co-founders, when he asked me to be part of the beta test group. I obliged and while I liked the product during the testing phase, I did not fully appreciate its true power until I gave it the CampusChat test.

Keepstream allows me to tap into a Twitter stream and capture tweets simply by clicking on the ones I want to move into a collection. This feature is handy, but it gets better. I can name my collection and then choose to keep it private or make it public. Publicizing the collection makes it available on Keepstream and – best of all – I can embed the HTML code for the collection into my blog post or web page. My Takeaway Tweets and this feature by Keepstream? Beautiful.

What am I doing with all the time I've saved by using Keepstream? I'm creating more collections that make it easier for me follow up with contacts made via Twitter and Facebook, tracking topics, chats and people I want to keep up with, and working smarter to benefit SmartCollegeVisit readers, customers, and followers.

You are invited to follow Keepstream on Twitter (@Keepstream) or explore their web site at


Z. Kelly Queijo is the founder of SmartCollegeVisit and a frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0. You're invited to follow SmartCollegeVisit on Twitter, @collegevisit where she hosts #CampusChat on Wednesdays at 9 PM Eastern.

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