Site Traffic Tracking Comparison

While we appreciate that Alexa ranks traffic for more than 25 million sites and that Handshake 2.0 ranks in the top 5% of those 25 million sites with an Alexa traffic rank, as of this writing, of 1,106,085, and that Compete tracks site traffic with its own methods, only a site's owner can share what's really happening on a site.  Here is a screenshot from our Google Analytics report for July, 2010.  The screenshot for a Compete report for the same period follows.

Google Analytics site traffic for Handshake 2.0, July 2010

Compete site statistics for Handshake 2.0, July 2010
Source:  Compete 

We found interesting What's Up with the Latest Stats? by Wesley LeFebvre and Determining Website Traffic Tool Review: by Jason Falls.

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