Who’s in FRONT? Pearl Fu

Pearl Fu

Pearl Fu, a native of China, grew up wealthy, privileged and part of a prominent family, but because of her humor and humility is often thought to have been raised poor. Her story is in the September 2010 "Immigrants" issue of Valley Business FRONT.

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Photo credit: Dan Smith

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  1. Pearl was looking for diversity and she got it. I don’t think we can censor the entire world because somebody’s hyper sensitivity is offended. I have an ex-wife who is an observer of an Eastern religion that uses the same symbol as a sign of peace and harmony, and though I doubt this cro-magnon had that in mind, I suspect it’s better to concentrate on Pearl’s goodness than the implied disgrace of the swastika. DAN SMITH

  2. I was quite moved by the juxtaposition and for me, too, it is the image of Pearl’s bright face that lingers. Thank you for your comment, Dan.

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