Nancy’s Candy

I don't know Nancy of Nancy's Candy, but her YouTube video engenders trust.

I do know Patsy Stewart.  I knew Patsy on Twitter first, met her for the first time at the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference, and profoundly appreciated her not only downloading our first mobile app, the Handshake App, but reviewing the app for Handshake 2.0.

Even if I didn't know her personally, Patsy's review engenders trust.  It's fair, but it also it offers feedback.  To me, that's a reviewer with character. 

When Patsy sent me an email inviting me – not telling me – to express my "inner chocolate" in the Nancy's Candy contest on Facebook, that probably was the handshake on the deal. 

I have never before entered a Facebook contest.  The process invites me to invite my Facebook friends to vote for my entry, but I'm still pondering that.  For now, I'm liking the "It's still who you know" candy box offering of Handshake 2.0.  Visitors are invited to "taste" by clicking a link or not, guided by their "inner chocolates"!

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