Is a Cell Phone a Corporate Security Risk?

You’ve heard it before: “My cell phone is my life!” The speaker could be a drama-queen teenager whose cell phone privileges have just been revoked. But when spoken by a business traveler, these carry more weight and represent a deep level of responsibility.

A typical business traveler’s mobile phone stores contacts, appointments, email, and perhaps even other sensitive information such as bank account numbers, social security numbers and corporate data. Loss of any of this information can present risks that not only compromise traveler’s personal identity, but are also security risks for his employer. Just how bad is it if a traveler’s cell phone falls into the wrong hands?
– excerpt from Z. Kelly Quiejo's “Rough Edges: Policy pointers that smooth risk of travelers’ cell phones,” for Business Travel Executive (BTE)

In “Rough Edges: Policy pointers that smooth risk of travelers’ cell phones,” Z. Kelly Queijo addressed  the topic of cell phone security and privacy for Business Travel Executive (BTE). The article appeared on the cover of  the July 2010 issue of the magazine. You're invited to read the entire story in this .pdf version, courtesy of BTE. 

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Z. Kelly Queijo is the founder of Smart College Visit, Inc. and a member of VT KnowledgeWorks.  Her company provides travel planning resources and will publish a mobile app for college-bound students in the Fall of 2010.  SmartCollegeVisit was named to the Top 100 Education Advice Blogs by

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