Handshake App Now Available for iPhone

We’ve been sharing on Handshake 2.0 the story of the development of our mobile application, the Handshake (TM) App, which released for the Android on August 6, 2010.  

Our Handshake (TM) App for the iPhone became available at 2:00 AM EST today, September 22, 2010!

What’s the Handshake App?  While you’re on the go, it’s a way to connect with those-to-know and those-in-the know – the people and companies making news on Handshake 2.0!

Features of The Handshake App

  • Profiles of people and companies on Handshake 2.0.
  • One-click, one-touch access to each person’s corporate site and LinkedIn profile.
  • Geolocation – where to meet for a handshake! – through Google Maps.
  • For clients of Handshake 2.0, a company description and a one-click, one-touch phone number for quick access to first handshakes.
  • Updated with new people and new companies on Handshake 2.0.
  • Free!

Handshake App for the iPhone

Download the Handshake App for the iPhone – compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Download The Handshake App for the Android – New version 1.01!

(Please note that the link for the Android version will not work in a Web browser on a computer.) 

How do you get in the Handshake App?  Get on Handshake 2.0!  What’s the easiest way to get on Handshake 2.0?  Buy a Warm Handshake!  

Do you like all the people in our app and how easy it is to connect with them?  Want all of your people in an app so it’s easy to connect with them?  We’ll make a branded “handshake” mobile app for your company or organization!  Please read about Your Handshake App and contact us.

You’re invited to read more about the Handshake (TM) App and to read our series on the development of the Handshake (TM) App.

Handshake 2.0 App Takes Two Hands - One for Android, One for iPhone
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  1. my gut feeling is that social media is starting to die. Business are starting to realize the ROI is not there.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Dante.

    We’ve written about the ROI of social media here:


    and this is one of the best pieces we’ve seen on the ROI of social media:


    Thank you for contributing to Handshake 2.0!

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