Why a Mobile App Now?

We launched The Handshake App, a mobile app for the Android, not yet for the iPhone, sooner rather than later.  Why?

  • We think every company needs a mobile app so that means we do, too.
  • We wanted to be first to market with what we believe is the first corporate mobile app that implements a corporate mission.
  • We were willing to create (and risk) the release of a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • The company’s founder has a Droid X and not an iPhone, so the set-up for alpha testing favored the Android.
  • From the moment of the completion of the app, for a variety of reasons, the time to market was shorter for an app for the Android platform than for the iPhone platform.
  • The company’s founder will attend a software developer’s forum on iPhone app development August 19, 2010, but our app was ready for beta August 6.

Foremost, we see our app's value as way beyond what platform it uses, and beyond what it does for Handshake 2.0.  The Handshake App is a membership app, a directory app, that offers quick access to important information about people important to a group.

You're invited to watch the video demo again.  What if those weren't Handshake 2.0 profiles, but the members of your company, your industry organization's membership, your civic organization's membership, your club's membership, your prospects list…the possibilities are endless.  What if the information displayed wasn't ours, but yours?  If you want your own Handshake app, we're a handshake away.  Please contact us.

To download The Handshake App and read more about it, please visit About The Handshake App.

We're writing about the origins, development and progress of The Handshake App on Handshake 2.0.

You're invited to read our series on Mobile Apps.

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  1. At today’s bewildering pace, “later” is the same as “too late.” When you know you have something good, “risks?” are the same as “worth it!”.

  2. The Handshake App is one more place my company, Smart College Visit, Inc. can be found. I like that. Thanks, Anne!

  3. Robert, yes, we agreed – “later” is “too late.”

    Kelly, that’s just what we hope – that your company can be found in one more place.

    According to the Android Market, as of this writing, The Handshake App has 103 downloads. That’s 103 more smartphones that connect with the “It’s who you know” people and companies on Handshake 2.0!

    Thank you for your comments!

  4. Very exciting to have an app! The challenge for small or single-person businesses/ groups is in developing apps that work for multiple platforms. As a good example, the VT Bus Tracker (to be live 8/23/10 – see http://www.bustracker.org/) has developed various versions iPhone/iPad apps, Blackberry, Android, and a text-message ap for almost any phone. Of course these 5 solutions are essentially 5 different, customized apps.

  5. Ah, but that is the essence of small business decisions: How does our company reach enough of the people enough of the time to create customers to generate company-sustaining revenue and profit?

    You’re right that a small business doesn’t have departments rich with team members to develop products that meet all of the people’s needs all of the time. What’s a small business to do? Make a judgment call.

    And that’s what we did. We made a corporate decision to launch our app on one platform. We’ve been of service to some of our mobile users rather than to none.

    We look forward to adding new platforms as we develop them.

    Thanks for your comment!

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