The One Reason Your Company Should Have an iPhone or Android App

Handshake 2.0 is a B2B site and I appreciated the benefits to businesses suggested in Jeff Bullas's 22 reasons your company should have an iPhone or Android app.

I think, ultimately, there's only one reason for a company to have a mobile app.

To be of service.

A company's mobile app needs to be of value to the user - to the company's clients, customers, prospects and the greater app-downloading public.  It needs to do good in the world.

I've been so excited about the release of our Handshake app and think it is of great value to our company for Bullas's 22 reasons and more.  I acknowledge that, like any entrepreneurial inventor, I am in love with the idea of the app.

Just because I think it is of value to our company doesn't mean end users will value it.  Just because I love it doesn't mean our clients and customers will. 

Luckily, users have found the app of value.  But they think it could have more value.  In Patsy Stewart's review of the app, she wrote, "In future upgrades to the Handshake App I would love to see some enhancements," and provided an enumerated wish list.

She wants it to be of more service to her.

Jim Flowers, advisor to entrepreneurs, writes, "Listen to your Market.  It will tell you what it needs or wants, " and "At its heart, what you are doing must genuinely matter to your customers…"

Handshake Media, the parent company of Handshake 2.0, is a technology company specializing in digital media public relations.  That means we use technology to make ways for companies and customers to know each other.

We used our own Handshake 2.0 as a "client" of Handshake Media and asked ourselves Jim's question:  "What does Handshake 2.0's market need and want?"

We created "The Handshake App" in answer to that question.

What does your market need and want?  We want to create your mobile app that answers that question.  We think we can help you be of value and service to your market.


To learn more about Handshake Media's mobile app development for companies, please contact us.

Thanks to Allen Fuller's alert, we first saw Jeff Bullas's post on Holy Kaw! on Alltop.  Jim Flowers is the Executive Director of VT KnowledgeWorks, a client of Handshake Media, Incorporated, the parent company of Handshake 2.0.

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