Testing the Waters of the Amazon Kindle Revenue Stream

When Denise Wakeman, founder of DeniseWakeman.com and business blogging consultant at The Blog Squad, wrote about how easy it is to publish a blog on the Kindle platform and open a new revenue stream for her blog, I thought I'd jump in with SmartCollegeVisit and, at least, get my feet wet.

The process was simple and, in under an hour, starting with Kindle Publishing for Blogs, I had set up a publishing account and submitted my blog for approval by Amazon for its Kindle Wireless Reading Device following these two main steps:

1. Setting up a publishing account on Amazon

2. Creating a profile of my blog and submitting it

SmartCollegeVisit on the KindleTo set up your publishing account, you'll need your company's tax identification number, name, address, and banking information.  

To submit your blog to Amazon, Wakeman recommended having the following information readily available:

  • RSS feed for blog
  • Blog Title
  • Blog Tagline
  • Blog Description
  • Blog author
  • Screen shot of blog home page
  • Blog banner image
  • Blog author name
  • Web address
  • Blog language
  • Keywords
  • Categories
  • Frequency of posting

Simply enter the above information into Amazon's online form. Once complete, you'll be able to save and preview before submitting the blog for review and publishing.

SmartCollegeVisit is now available on the Kindle platform for a subscription fee of $1.99. Amazon charges a fee for blog subscriptions that range anywhere from 99 cents to $1.99 (Amazon sets the price, not the blogger). While Amazon keeps 70% and the revenue stream for the blogger is but a trickle, it made sense to me to test the water. Amazon's name  is a well-known and a trusted business entity. Why wouldn't I want my blog to be found on Amazon's search engine and also made available on the top-selling e-reader platform? Why wouldn't you do the same?


Z. Kelly Queijo is the founder of SmartCollegeVisit, a college visit planning resource, and a frequent contributor to Handshake 2.0. You're invited to follow SmartCollegeVisit on Twitter, @collegevisit where she hosts #CampusChat on Wednesdays at 9 PM Eastern.

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