Mobile Apps for Women in Business – A Mobile App Wish List

We did the numbers on women and smartphones, I bought a Droid X, I read Juniper's prediction of 25 billion mobile app downloads by 2015, and we launched the Handshake App ASAP,  a mobile app for memberships, groups and communities.

As a businesswoman, the Handshake App checks off an item on my mobile app wish list.  The Handshake App is a way for me to have a group of people important to me app-available, with the most important need-to-know info right-now click-able or tap-able, wherever I am, not where my computer is.

What would be my next app download?  I went shopping with the intent to buy.  This is what I found – or didn't find – on mobile apps for women in business.

As a result of that post, I was asked what I was looking for that I couldn't find.  If "there ought to be an app for that," what was the "that"?  "What do women want?" was extended to "What do businesswomen want in a mobile app?"

I am working on my wish list. Women in business, what's on your mobile app wish list?

Please take our Mobile Apps for Women in Business Survey.

On my wish list?  More apps for the Pomegranate Phone.

Thanks to Z. Kelly Queijo for the link to the video.

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  1. Anne …
    Looking forward to seeing your list. Wonder how it compares to a man’s app wish list?

    That Pomegranate Phone video is ridiculously funny. Anyone reading this, take a few minute to watch it. You won’t be disappointed. LOL.

  2. Thank you, Barry! ZKQ knows a good video when she sees one!

    One insight I had from making my mobile app wish list is that I don’t necessarily know what I want and don’t consider that a shortcoming. When individuals and teams of individuals offer their insights and expertise to the world, they create a bountiful buffet of choices of which each of us alone could never conceive! That’s the beauty of synergy! So when I go shopping at the mall or at in the iPhone App Store or the Android Market, I am very likely to recognize what I want when I see it, not always beforehand.

    So that’s part of my current disgruntlement with mobile app developers. I’m seeing a lot of hacked together apps just to get something out there, not a synthesis of their expertise. Or I’m seeing complex apps that monitor or control inner workings of servers or programs I don’t use. I appreciate elegant code, but I’ll buy its results if it does something that helps me, works for or with me, or even for this serious soul, amuses me!

    Show me some apps! 🙂

  3. This phone is for those who are not as interested in business functions from their cell phone.

  4. What a great spoof, Robert! I laughed even more over this than the Pomegranate video! Fantatic! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  5. My beloved spouse and I have placed our orders! LOL

  6. May they arrive any time now. 🙂

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