Mobile Apps for Businesswomen

Although I am a case study of one, not a research study, I am a woman, I am in business, and I am looking for – and not finding – mobile apps that I perceive would be of value to me as a businesswoman.

I am a market opportunity.

Where is my mobile app? I’ve had some insights as a result of seeking my mobile app.

Mobile app store search matters.  I typed brand names and keywords into the search field in the mobile app store on my smartphone.  I didn't find what I sought.  An app store may not replace Google as the top source for search, but if I were a company hiring another company to make my company’s mobile app, I would want my brand name and keywords describing what my company does in the app’s title and description.

Just because an app can be made doesn't mean it should be made.  Oh, there’s such foolishness out there.  And, frankly, ineptness.  An app I downloaded yesterday, which will remain nameless, required a kill app to force it to release its death grip on my smartphone's browser.  Ridiculous.  Today, I am not a fan of mobile app developers enamored of their own code and not attentive to what the market – that would be moi – wants and needs.   

Mobile apps for women don't target women in business.  I'm not this and I'm not trying to be and I'm all about this but that latter one requires people to be successful in business.  That would be moi.  And if I can do the task better and faster on my computer, it's not a mobile app.  These apps recommended for women entrepreneurs look tediously like more work, not less.

The print cover of the 18.09 issue of Wired reads “The Web is dead.”  Chris Anderson writes in “What Happened,” that the future will be “less about browsing and more about getting.”  Yes, please.  I want to get my app and I want it to do something for me.  Right now.

Anderson also writes in Wired, “Within five years, Morgan Stanley projects, the number of users accessing the Net from mobile devices will surpass the number who access it from PCs.”

I will be one of those.  I am a market opportunity. 

Where’s my app?


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