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I wrote a company needs a mobile app and I wrote our company needs a mobile app.  Okay!  We're making a mobile app.

The beta test for our app will be on the Android platform.

What's a company founder to do when an email arrives from the mobile app developer entitled "Here's the app!" with a file attached?

I joined the citizens of the world - I Googled it.  "How do i install a non-market app on my droid x" was my search phrase. (I got the term "non-market" from our app developer's email.) Thanks Jerry Hildenbrand, writing for Android Central!

When Jerry wrote, "Apps you download to your PC need copied over to your card. Hook up to your computer and copy them over just like you would a song," I thought, "But I've never copied over a song." 

To get that file onto my Droid X to beta test our app, I had to use what I know, create workarounds for what I didn't, and comfort myself knowing my Droid X is still under warranty from Wireless Zone and if I blew it up, they would fix it.

For fellow company founders who may be as new to mobile apps as I am, and who receive a file with the extension .apk in their email inboxes from their mobile app developers, I offer the directions that I gave myself:

  • Use Droid X's browser to go to Astro File Manager's site. Go to Download and click the "Here" in "If you are browsing from an Android phone, click Here."
  • From mobile app developer’s email, download attached .apk file and save in easy-to-access location. Desktop is good.
  • Plug in wire to laptop and Droid X. Laugh when the phone says, “Droi-Droid,” in a robot’s voice.
  • Open Computer (I’m using Windows 7).
  • Drag file from Desktop to Removable Disk, i.e. Droid X’s SD card.
  • Click to open Removable Disk to make sure file is there.
  • Unplug Droid X.
  • Unlock Droid X for the one billionth time.
  • Launch Apps.
  • Launch Astro.
  • Scroll to find file name.
  • Click file name.
  • Between the choices of Browse File and Open App Manager, choose the latter.
  • Choose Install.
  • When the installation is done, you’ll be given an option to Open it. Click that.
  • Feel moved to point of being overwhelmed by the amazing beauty of the creation. Feel wonder that it even exists at all.
  • Close app, launch apps, and see the icon for your own company’s app among all those others.
  • Feel awe.


The video is a continuation of my determination to participate in what I see as an imperative to create not only mobile apps, but corporate videos, given the numbers for corporate online video.  This video was filmed on two different days in three locations, filming the beginning and the end at one time with the help of Mr. Handshake 2.0, then the sessions with the laptop and Droid in several stages.  I ended up wanting to write the introductory section of the post before I knew how I wanted to be succinct and to the point in the final takes with the Droid.  Our Droid X Video Production Studio makes videos happen cheaply, quickly and easily. 

Sometimes uploading my amateur efforts to YouTube, knowing that the world will see what I know and what I don't, my strengths and weaknesses, all in a few minutes, is the hardest part of corporate video production.

I bought my Droid X on July 17, 2010.  It got its pink case 10 days later.

You're invited to read more about our experiences with the Droid X on Handshake 2.0.

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